761 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:02:24 ID:UHm7k+o8
   1位 29票
   Nirvana / Smells Like Teen Spirit

   2位 19票
   Blur / Parklife

   3位 17票
   Oasis / Live Forever

   4位 16票
   Radiohead / Creep
   Radiohead / Paranoid Android
   The Flaming Lips / Race For The Prize

   5位 15票
   Beck / Loser
   The Smashing Pumpkins / Today

   6位 14票
   Radiohead / Fake Plastic Trees

   7位 13票
   Pavement / Summer Babe
   The Verve / Bittersweet Symphony

   8位 12票
   My Bloody Valentine / Soon
   Underworld / Born Slippy

762 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:03:20 ID:UHm7k+o8
   9位 11票
   Blur / Song 2
   Jeff Buckley / Hallelujah
   Matthew Sweet / Winona
   Nine Inch Nails / Hurt
   Oasis / Wonderwall
   U2 / One

   10位 10票
   Massive Attack / Teardrop
   Massive Attack / Unfinished Sympathy
   Portishead / Glory Box
   Primal Scream / Higher Than The Sun
   The Cure / Friday I'm In Love

   11位 9票
   A Tribe Called Quest / Check the Rhime
   Dinosaur Jr. / The Wagon
   New Order / Regret
   R.E.M. / Losing My Religion
   Teenage Fanclub / The Concept
   The Smashing Pumpkins / 1979
   Wu-Tang Clan / C.R.E.A.M.

763 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:04:06 ID:UHm7k+o8
   12位 8票
   Mercury Rev / Goddess On A Hiway
   Pulp / Common People
   R.E.M. / Nightswimming
   Red Hot Chili Peppers / Under The Bridge
   Yo La Tengo / Sugarcube

   13位 7票
   Bjork / Hyper-Ballad
   Built To Spill / Carry The Zero
   Common / I Used To Love HER
   Nas / One love
   Nine Inch Nails /Wish
   Nirvana / All Apologies
   Oasis / Don't Look Back In Anger
   Spiritualized / Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
   The Bluetones / If...
   The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Bellbottoms
   The Smashing Pumpkins / Tonight,Tonight
   Yo La Tengo / Blue Line Swinger

764 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:04:47 ID:UHm7k+o8
   14位 6票
   Boards of Canada / Roygbiv
   DJ Shadow / Midnight in a Perfect World
   Jamiroquai / Virtual Insanity
   Mogwai / Mogwai Fear Satan
   Pavement / Shady Lane
   Souls Of Mischief / 93 'til Infinity
   The Breeders / Cannonball
   Underground Resistance (Galaxy 2 Galaxy) / Hi Tech Jazz

   15位 5票
   A Tribe Called Quest / Can I Kick It?
   Aphex Twin / Come To Daddy
   Beastie Boys / Sabotage
   Blind Melon / No Rain
   Jamiroquai / Space cowboy
   Kula Shaker / Hey Dude
   Mary J. Blige / Real Love
   My Bloody Valentine / Only Shallow
   Radiohead / Let Down
   Slint / Good Morning, Captain
   Sonic Youth / The Diamond Sea
   The Notorious B.I.G. / Juicy
   Underworld / Rez
   Weezer / Buddy Holly

765 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:06:02 ID:UHm7k+o8
   16位 4票
   Back Street Boys / I want it that way
   Blur / Girls & Boys
   Chapterhouse / Pearl
   Counting Crows / Omaha
   Depeche Mode / Enjoy The Silence
   Dr. Dre / Nuthin' But a "G" Thang
   Elliott Smith / Waltz #2
   Goo Goo Dolls / Name
   Jane's Addiction / Stop!
   Neutral Milk Hotel / In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
   Nirvana / Breed
   Oasis / Whatever
   Pavement / Cut Your Hair
   Pavement / In The Mouth A Desert
   Pearl Jam / Rearviewmirror
   Primal Scream / Movin' on Up
   Radiohead / High And Dry
   Radiohead / Karma Police
   Rage Against The Machine / Killing In The Name
   Ride / Like a Daydream
   Soul Asylum / Runaway Train
   The Charlatans / Weirdo
   The Chemical Brothers / Setting Sun

766 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:08:22 ID:UHm7k+o8
   17位 3票
   Alice In Chains / Would?
   Badly Drawn Boy / Once Around The Block
   Beck / Where It's At
   Blur / Chemical World
   Blur / This Is A Low
   Cher / Believe
   Daft Punk / Around the World
   Flaming Lips / She Don't Use Jelly
   Freedy Johnston / Bad Reputation
   GangStarr / Mass Appeal
   Green Day / Backet Case
   Happy Mondays / Kinky Afro
   John Butler Trio / Ocean
   Lauryn Hill / Doo Wop (That Thing)
   Matthew Sweet / Evangeline
   Mudhoney / Let It Slide
   Nine Inch Nails / The Perfect Drug
   Nirvana / Polly
   Nirvana/ Heart-Shaped Box

767 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 07:09:51 ID:UHm7k+o8
   Oasis / Champagne Supernova
   Oasis / Supersonic
   Orbital / Halcyon And On And On
   Organized Konfusion / Stress
   Pearl Jam / Better Man
   Pearl Jam / Even Flow
   Red Hot Chili Peppers / Give It Away
   Red Hot Chili Peppers / Scar Tissue
   Ride / Dreams Burn Down
   Scatman John / Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)
   Suede / Stay Together
   Suede / The Wild Ones
   Swervedriver / Rave Down
   Teenage Fanclub / Everything Flows
   Teenage Fanclub / Star Sign
   The Prodigy / Breathe
   Travis / Turn 

768 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 08:05:12 ID:UHm7k+o8
   18位 2票その1
   Aerosmith / I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
   Aimee Mann / Save Me
   Alice in Chains / Down in a Hole
   Aphex Twin / On
   Aphex Twin / Xtal
   Arab Strap / The First Big Weekend
   Arrested Development / Tennessee
   Beastie Boys / Intergalactic
   Beats International / Dub Be Good To Me
   Beck / Devil's Haircut
   Belle & Sebastian / Dog On Wheels
   Bjork / Play Dead
   Blur / For Tomorrow
   Blur / Tender
   Bonnie "Prince" Billy / I See A Darkness
   Built to Spill / Car
   Cocteau Twins / Iceblink Luc
   Cracker / Low
   Daisy Chainsaw / Love Your Money
   Daniel Johnston / Some Things Last a Long Time
   Dinosaur Jr. / Alone
   DJ Shadow / Organ Donor
   Eels / Novocaine For The Soul
   Elliott Smith / Miss Misery
   Elliott Smith / Say Yes

769 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 08:06:13 ID:UHm7k+o8
   18位 2票その2
   Faith No More / Midlife Crisis
   Foo Fighters / Everlong
   Galaxie 500 / Fourth of July
   Green Day / When I Come Around
   Grouphome / Livin' Proof
   Grouphome / Supa Star
   Guns N' Roses / November Rain
   House of Pain / Jump Around
   Incognito / Still a Friend of Mine
   Jay-Z / Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
   Manic Street Preachers / Stay Beautiful
   Manic Street Preachers/ Motorcycle Emptiness
   Massive Attack / Angel
   Matthew Sweet / Sick Of Myself
   Metallica / Enter Sandman
   Michael Jackson / Black or White
   Modest Mouse / Trailer Trash
   Mr.Big / To Be With You
   My Bloody Valentine / When You Sleep
   Nas / Halftime
   Natalie Imbruglia / Torn
   Nine Inch Nails / Closer
   Nine Inch Nails / Somewhat Damaged
   Nirvana / Come As You Are
   Nirvana / Pennyroyal Tea
   Oasis / Roll With It
   Ocean Colour Scene / Riverboat Song

770 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 08:07:16 ID:UHm7k+o8
   18位 2票その3
   Pavement / Range Life
   Pavement / Stereo
   Pearl Jam / Alive
   Pearl Jam / Jeremy
   Pete Rock and CL Smooth / They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
   Portishead / Sour Times
   Primal Scream / Rocks
   Primus / Tommy The Cat
   Prince & The New Power Generation / Diamonds And Pearls
   R.E.M. / Man on the Moon
   Radiohead / Airbag
   Radiohead / No Surprises
   Ride / Vapour Trail
   Rocket From The Crypt / On A Rope
   Ron Sexsmith / Secret Heart
   Screaming Trees / Nearly Lost You
   Sigur Ros / Svefn-G-Englar
   Sinead O'Connor / Nothing Compares 2 U
   Son Volt / Back Into Your World
   Spice Girls / Wannabe
   Stardust / Music Sounds Better with You
   Stone Roses / One Love
   Stone Temple Pilots / Sour Girl
   Sublime / Santeria
   Sugar / Changes
   Sugar / Tilted
   Supergrass / Alright

772 :最終集計結果 :2009/12/04(金) 08:09:44 ID:UHm7k+o8
   18位 2票その4
   Teenage Fanclub / Ain't That Enough
   Temple of the Dog / Hunger Strike
   The Charlatans / One To Another
   The Folk Implosion / Natural One
   The Jesus And Mary Chain / Reverence
   The Lemonheads / Rudderless
   The Prodigy / Firestarter
   The Replacements / Merry Go Round
   The Verve / On Your Own
   The Verve / Sonnet
   The Wedding Present / Suck
   The Wedding Present / Crawl
   Therapy? / Screamager
   Tricky / Aftermath
   Urge Overkill / Sister Havana
   Weezer / Across the Sea
   Weezer / Only In Dreams
   Wilco / Misunderstood
   Wu-Tang Clan / Protect Ya Neck
   2pac / California Love




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