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To personalize and organize items, you can add your books, personal documents, and Audible audiobooks to collections on your Home
screen. Create a new collection from the Home screen by pressing the Menu button and selecting "Create New Collection", and then type a
name for the collection. You can add as many items as you wish to each collection, and you can even add an item to more than one collection
for more flexible organization.

Clip Your Favorite Passages
While reading a book, newspaper, or personal document, have you ever wanted to clip and save a few words to refer to later? With Kindle,
simply select "Add a Note or Highlight" from the menu and use the 5-way to highlight the content you want to clip and then press the 5-way to
save your selection. The clipping is added to a file in Home called "My Clippings." You can review your clippings later, search for words or
terms you clipped, and transfer the "My Clippings" file to your computer. This is a great way to capture your favorite quotations to share with

Bookmark Your Reading
Kindle automatically saves your place in whatever book you are reading, but you can also add a bookmark to any page in a book or PDF
document by pressing the Menu button and selecting "Add a Bookmark." You can see that the upper right corner of the page is dog-eared.
Kindle stores all your bookmarks for the current content in your annotations. You can view them at any time by pressing the Menu button from
the book you're reading and selecting "View Notes & Marks."

Add Your Own Notes
Do you like to take notes and make comments while reading? You can add notes to any of the content on Kindle. Amazon automatically stores
all of your book annotations in the "My Clippings" file and backs them up at Amazon so they will not be lost.
As an example, this sentence is highlighted and has a note attached as indicated by the superscripted number one to the right of this text.
Using the 5-way controller, move the cursor over the notation number to see the note. To add your own note, move the cursor to the word where
you want to add your thoughts, and begin typing your note. Then use the 5-way again to highlight the "save note" button onscreen and press the
5-way to select. You can later view, edit, or remove a note, or see all of your annotations by pressing the Menu button and selecting "View
Notes & Marks."

Stay in Sync
Whispersync technology saves and synchronizes your reading location across your Kindle(s) and other supported devices. For example, you
can read a few pages on your iPhone or Blackberry device and pick up right where you left off when you return to your Kindle. For a complete
list of supported devices, visit the Kindle Store on Amazon's website:
http://www.amazon.com/kindleapps (U.S. and other countries)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindleapps (U.K. customers)

Convert Your Own Documents
In addition to all of the great reading material you can get from the Kindle Store, Amazon can also convert your own documents so you can read
them on Kindle. You can e-mail Microsoft Word, TXT, HTML, RTF, or image files like JPEGs and GIFs to your dedicated Kindle e-mail address
(found on the Settings page on Kindle or the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon). We will convert the document into Kindle format and
wirelessly send it directly to your Kindle via Whispernet (fees may apply) or back to your computer for free. If you e-mail a PDF to your Kindle, it will be sent to your device with no conversion.

Loan Books
You can share your favorite book with any friend who has a Kindle or uses one of our Kindle applications on supported devices. To lend books,
go to the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon.
http://www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle (U.S. and other countries)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/manageyourkindle (U.K. customers)

Social Networks
Share your notes and highlights with friends using social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Whenever you create a note or a highlight, press
the Alt+ENTER + keys to share it to your social network.
To set up your social network accounts on your Kindle, go to the Settings screen and select "manage" next to Social Networks. The browser
will launch and allow you to link your Kindle to your social network accounts.

Popular Highlights
See what the Kindle community thinks are the most interesting passages in the books you are reading. If several other readers have
highlighted a particular passage, then that passage will be highlighted in your book along with the total number of people who have highlighted
You can also view a list of all the Popular Highlights in the book you're reading by pressing the Menu button and selecting "View Popular
Highlights". For more information, see “Displaying Popular Highlights in Your Books” in Chapter 3.

Learning More
This ends your brief introduction to just some of the capabilities on Kindle. The chapters that follow give a more complete overview of these and other features. Remember, you can always search on a particular feature or learn more about how to do a particular task by opening this guide and typing on the keyboard to activate Search.
The “Table of Contents” for the Kindle User's Guide shows you all of the topics covered in this guide. You can get to the table of contents by pressing the Menu button from any page, selecting "Go to...", then selecting 'table of contents' and pressing the 5-way again.
You can also navigate by clicking an underlined word or words like “Learning More”. Underlined words indicate a link to somewhere else in the material you are reading, like a footnote, a chapter, or a website. In the example above, when you navigate the 5-way controller over one of theunderlined words, a hand icon will appear. Pressing the 5-way will take you to the beginning of the table of contents. Press the Back button to go back to where you were reading.
You can leave the Kindle User's Guide, or any item you are reading, at any time by pressing the Home button. If you are done reading, you can
put your Kindle to sleep by sliding and releasing the power button located at the bottom of your Kindle (you wake up Kindle the same way).
Sleeping your Kindle will extend battery life and also lock all of the keys and buttons so you don't inadvertently press one while not using your Kindle. When your Kindle is asleep, you will see an image on the screen. To turn off your Kindle, slide and hold the power switch for seven seconds until the screen goes blank, and then release.

Getting Assistance
If you ever need assistance, you can use the Web or your telephone to contact us. See “Contacting Kindle Support” in Chapter 9 for all of the Kindle Support contact options.