Welcome chapter その2


Your Choice of Number of Words per Line
You can also change the number of words per line in the book or periodical you are currently reading. Press the Text key , use the 5-way
controller to choose the number of words per line you prefer and press the 5-way to select. This changes the width of the margins. You may find you read faster with fewer words per line. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Text keyを押し、5方向コントローラーを使い、よりいいと思う文字数を選択してください。

Adjust Screen Rotation
You can lock your Kindle screen to a portrait or landscape orientation to fit your reading position. Press the Text key then use the 5-way
controller to select the screen rotation you want. Press the 5-way to select.

Text keyを押し、5方向コントローラーを使い読みやすいように回転させてください。

Read PDF Files
Kindle can display a PDF document without losing the formatting of the original file. Just drag PDF files over USB to your Kindle or e-mail them to your dedicated Kindle e-mail address (found on the Settings page on Kindle or the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon). If you e-mail a
PDF document to your Kindle's e-mail address, we will wirelessly deliver the PDF file directly to your Kindle via Whispernet.
For Kindle models that include 3G, Amazon charges a fee for personal documents delivered directly to your Kindle via 3G. You can avoid fees
for the personal document service by downloading the documents using Wi-Fi. For more information, see “Sending Your Documents for
Conversion” in Chapter 8.

PDFファイルをUSBやKindle専用のイーメールアドレス(Settings pageかAmazonの"Kindle or the Manage Your Kindle page"に書いてあります)を使ってKindleまでドラッグしてください。
詳細は、Chapter 8の“Sending Your Documents for Conversion”を御覧ください。

Let Kindle Read to You or Guide You
You can turn on the experimental application, Text-to-Speech, which will read aloud your books (where allowed by the rights holder),
newspapers, blogs, and personal documents. While reading a book or periodical, press the Text key , then use the 5-way controller to
underline “turn on” for "Text-to-Speech". Press the 5-way to select "turn on". You can either listen through your Kindle's external speakers or plug in earphones into the headphone jack. While Text-to-Speech is playing, the screen will turn the pages automatically so you can follow along while the audio is playing. You have the choice of hearing your content spoken with a male or female voice and can also further optimize the listening experience by slowing down or increasing the rate of speech.
Voice Guide complements Text-to-Speech by allowing you to navigate Kindle with spoken menus, selectable items, and descriptions. Using
Voice Guide, you can navigate your Kindle while Kindle speaks actions, descriptions, or status messages. For example, when you open a
book, Kindle tells you your current location and how far you've read. See “Using Voice Guide” in Chapter 7 for instructions on using this feature.

Text keyを押し5方向コントローラーで"Text-to-Speech"を有効にしてください。

Look It Up
Your Kindle includes two dictionaries - The New Oxford American Dictionary (the default) and the Oxford Dictionary of English . You can
easily look up a particular word without leaving the content. Simply use the 5-way controller to navigate the cursor in front of the word you want defined. A definition of the word appears at the bottom or top of the screen. To view the full definition, press the Return key on the
keyboard. To return to the text you were reading, press the Back button. To choose a different default dictionary, see “Choosing Your Primary
Dictionary” in Chapter 7.

Take It All with You
Kindle can store thousands of digital books, personal documents, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and audiobooks, which are referred to
collectively as "content" throughout this guide. A copy of all your books and recent issues of newspapers and magazines purchased from the
Kindle Store are kept on Amazon.
To display the list of content on your Kindle, press the Home button. Use the 5-way controller to underline the item you want to open and then
press the 5-way to open the item. To delete content on your Kindle, use the 5-way controller to underline the item you want to delete. Press the left arrow on the 5-way to select “remove from device” and then press the 5-way to complete the removal of the item.
To transfer previously deleted content from Amazon back to your Kindle, the wireless Whispernet service must be on. From Home, select
"Archived Items." This shows all of the content stored at Amazon. Amazon does not store copies of your personal documents, periodical issues
older than the past seven issues, MP3, and Audible files, so make your own backup copies of those files. Underline the item you want to move
back to your Kindle and press the right arrow on the 5-way to select “add to home” and then press the 5-way to start the transfer. In under a minute, the item re-downloads into your Kindle and appears in the list of content in Home.

Shop Anytime, Anywhere
If you have Whispernet on and you select "Shop in Kindle Store" from any menu, Kindle connects you to a broad offering of reading material
including books, newspapers, blogs, and magazines. You can browse by category or check out the latest bestsellers, new and noteworthy
items, or your personalized recommendations. You can see details about an item, read customer reviews, and even download free samples of
books you are interested in. If you want to buy an item, Kindle uses secure Amazon 1-Click and then Whispernet delivers the item to your
Kindle generally in under a minute.

Automatic Delivery
Since Kindle connects to the Whispernet network, we deliver your favorite periodicals over the air to your device as soon as they are published, often before they are even available in print. For example, if you subscribe to the Kindle edition of The New York Times, the latest edition is wirelessly delivered overnight so you can read it each morning. Your favorite periodicals follow you wherever you go, whether you are at home or on the road.
If you have a Kindle model that only uses Wi-Fi to connect to Whispernet, your Kindle must be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to receive
your periodicals when they are published. If no Wi-Fi network is available at your current location, your periodicals will be automatically
delivered to your Kindle the next time you connect to a Wi-Fi network.
Just as you would thumb through a physical newspaper or magazine to locate an article of interest, navigation shortcuts let you quickly zero in on an article of interest. By using the right or left button on the 5-way controller, you can advance to the next or previous article. Press the center of the 5-way controller to display the periodical's section list.

Search Your World
While you are in Home, the Kindle Store, or reading content, you can use your Kindle's search feature. From the keyboard, begin typing what
you'd like to search for and then using the 5-way controller, select the range of your search. If you begin your search while in Home or with open content, you have the option to search for that item in all of your books, newspapers, blogs, personal documents, and annotations. You also have the option to focus your search to the built-in dictionary, the Kindle Store, Wikipedia, Google, and the Web.